Room 2

In this room, the socio-political-diplomatic entity taking shape in the “Yishuv” is presented until the beginning of the Second World War and afterward until the establishment of a state.

The social facet is presented via Tel Aviv of the 1920s and 1930s through its various aspects of the “Bauhaus” (White City). The kibbutz and moshav settlement movements are also displayed through various display media. The security aspect is presented, among other ways, through the Great

Arab Revolt and volunteers to the British Army during World War II. The political aspect is reflected, inter-alia, in the presentation of the debate that arose in the Jewish Yishuv with the proposal of the first partition plan in 1937 (Peel Committee).

The second part of this section deals with the War of Independence, describing major events and battles until the signing of the armistice agreements in 1949.