The Education Department at the Yitzhak Rabin Center

offers guide tours and workshops for processing and enrichment to all of the following target audiences: Students, youth movement members, pre-enlistment academy cadets and young people in their year of national service, soldiers, commanders, retirees, tourists and all types of groups and organizations from the public and private sector.
A variety of activity days deal with the complexity of Israeli society

assimilating democratic values and leadership, and dilemmas faced by leaders in various arenas of activity while connecting to the group’s goals and the roles of its members.

The activities combine guided tours at the “Israeli Museum” and processing workshops designed to tie the tour’s content to the reality with which the participants are coping as officials in the organization in which they are operating and citizens of the State of Israel.

Lectures and discussions can be expanded and deepened according to the educational or organizational needs of the reserving entity.