Many thanks to the following archives, photographers, and other artists:

Government Press Office (GPO)

Photographers: Hans Pinn, Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Ilan Brunner, Ya’akov Sa’ar, Nathan Alpert, Maggi Ayalon. Tsvika Israeli, Ziv Koren.

IDF and Defense Establishment Archives

Photographers: Avraham Vered, Maxim Salomon, Miki Astel, Ori Herzl Zikhik, Miki Tzarfati, Yuval Navon, Eyal Bar Lev, Yaniv Farkash

IDF and Defense Establishment Archives, Photographs from the Ba’Machane Collection

Photographers: Avi Simchoni, Avraham Vered

Yediot Ahronot

Photographers: Abigail Uzi, Meir Azulay


Photographers: Reuven Castro, Yonatan Shaul, Hanania Herman

Israel Sun Ltd

Photographers: Assaf Shilo, Alon Ron

Flash 90

Photographer: Yossi Zamir

Hapalmach Photographic Collection

Photographer: Yudka Hillman

Private Photographers

Moshe Shai, Shmuel Rachmani, Haim Ziv, Rachel Rabin-Yaacov, Hanna Rivlin, Joseph Geva, Yossi Rot, Yitzhak Harari, Baruch Raviv, Dina Guna, Amir Gilboa

Photographs of the Museum and the Structure

Photographers: Alla Leitus – Mabatim Design, Eyal Toag, Barak Brinker, Gal Hachmon, Or Gefen

Additional Photographers: Tamir Goldbaum (Tamir Mosh), Dany Danosh, Dana Shpliman, Kamila, Orel Cohen, Roni Shmueli, Leah Yaffe, the Youth Movement Coalition.

Additional Materials

Speeches and Remarks by Yitzhak Rabin between the period of 1922-1995 through the courtesy of Zmora-Bitan Publishers, 1995

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