Accessibility Statement

The Yitzhak Rabin Center is doing all it can to facilitate the accessibility of its website under the provisions of the Regulations for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Adjustments for Access to Service), 5773-2013.

An accessible site is adapted to all its users’ needs, including those individuals challenged with one or more disabilities. An accessible website allows disabled individuals to understand, navigate and operate the website.


This website complies with the terms, requirements, and specifications of the Regulations for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Adjustments for Access to Service), 5773-2013.

The Center complies with the Level AA accessibility guidelines in the Israeli Standards SII 5568, “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.”

The Israeli Standard is identical to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – (WCAG) 2.0 issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Despite our best efforts to facilitate the website’s full accessibility, certain segments are yet to be accessible.
he Center is working to improve its web accessibility as part of its commitment to enabling the site to be used by everyone, including those with disabilities.

The website contains certain redirects to websites and pages inaccessible to the disabled and individuals with special needs.

Information Regarding Website Accessibility

  • The site supports the accepted usage pattern for operating with a keyboard using the ENTER and ESC arrow keys to enter/exit menus and windows and using aria labels.
  • The website allows for font size modification by using a designated key and scroll wheel.
  • The site is adapted for display in commonly used browsers and mobile telephones.
  • The site supports NVDA screen reader software for Windows users.
  • The website’s content is written in clear and simple language.
  • All of the website’s pages are of a fixed structure.

Ancillary Shortcuts for the Website’s Operation and Accessibility

  • The website is optimized for display and compatible with various screens and resolutions.
  • Nevertheless, most website pages are accessible without any special action or effort. People with various types of visual impairments can use the accessibility button found on the website that is adapted to a desktop computer. This button can be reached through the mouse or by navigating with the TAB key. Clicking on this button will open the accessibility options menu. Select the compatible option from within the menu. Use the mouse to click on the X button in the menu or the ESC key on the keyboard to close the menu.
  • Color contrasts: Through the accessibility button, you can alter (darker or lighter) the screen background.
  • Navigation: Use the TAB key to advance in the website and a combination of the SHIFT+TAB keys to go back through the site.

Physical Accessibility Arrangements in the Center’s Building

Below is a compilation of the existing accessibility arrangements at the Yitzhak Rabin Center and the museum:

  • The museum and the Center’s building are handicapped accessible.
  • The Center maintains several free parking spaces for the disabled, including for tall vehicles.
  • There is accessible access from the parking lot to the entrance to the Center and the museum.
  • There are several wheelchairs at the Center.
  • The Center’s workstations are constructed for accessible service.
  • The Center has several accessible restrooms for the handicapped on the ground floor and in the area of the archives.
  • The necessary identification and directional signage are posted throughout the Center.
  • Service pets assigned to assist the disabled are permitted entry into the Center and the museum.
  • The hearing impaired can switch their hearing aids to the “T” mode to connect to the local audio guidance system operating throughout the museum.
  • Furthermore, hearing loop systems have been installed at the ticket office and the headset distribution station to enable an individual with hearings aids to hear the service provider directly to his/her hearing aids without any background noise. In addition, there is a hand-held receiver for public use.
  • Advanced voice guidance and orientation for the blind and visually impaired public are installed throughout the Center. For additional information concerning the system and its use, visit
  • Should you require an escort from the Center to aid in any of the accessibility aspects mentioned above, the Center will be happy to provide such assistance.

We would be pleased to receive further information and your comments on how we may improve our service and accessibility.

Contact Us

If you have encountered any difficulty in browsing the website or have a comment on the matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through one of the following means:

Accessibility Coordinator: Dany Danosh
Telephone: +972-(0)3-745-3322

Accessibility Statement

The Center has adapted its website in accordance with the guidelines in Israeli Standard 5568, “Guidelines for Accessibility of Online Content”, for AA-level accessibility.
This Israeli Standard is identical to the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organization for the Internet.

Despite our efforts to make all of the website’s pages accessible, there may be parts of the site that are as yet inaccessible. We are working to improve accessibility as part of our commitment to enable the site to be used by everyone, including people with disabilities.

We will be happy to receive your inquiries and/or suggestions for improvement to enable us to better serve our customers.

Keyboard Navigation
The site supports keyboard navigation by means of the TAB key and arrows, and clicking on Enter will activate the various links. Additionally, the first link on each page, “Jump to main content” will take you straight to the content of the page.

Text Color and Background Color
The contrast and brightness buttons at the beginning of each page in the site allow for two contrast levels: Regular and High. The High Contrast mode displays the text in yellow against a black background.

Changing the Font Size
To make the text bigger: Press Ctrl +
To make the text smaller: Press Ctrl –
To return the text in the site to its original size: Press Ctrl 0

Changing the Screen Size
To make the screen bigger: Press F11
To return the screen to its original size: Press F11 again

Contact Us
If you have encountered any difficulty in surfing the site or have any comments,
please contact us in one of the following ways:
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