The Road to Independence: 1920 - 1948

Set during a time of development for the modern state, the exhibit presents Tel Aviv of the 1920’s, the “White City,” and the chalutzim of the Third Aliyah (Rabin was born in 1922).  Various elements display the beaches, the buildings and the cultural development of the city of Tel Aviv.

Images of early settlements depict the more rural parts of the country, with patriotic songs exalting the virtues of settling the land playing in the background.  Detailed is the Yishuv’s involvement in World War II:  the Palmach, the clandestine immigration, the struggle with the British governance in Palestine, the Jewish Brigade and the participation in the war effort abroad.  

As World War II comes to an end, the scene is set for the War of Independence, where Rabin’s role was defending the road to the city.  Here visitors find the vote of November 29, 1947 by the United Nations General Assembly and David Ben Gurion’s Declaration of Independence amidst the battles for control of territory.