Educational Programs

For over a decade, the educational programs and outreach of the Yitzhak Rabin Center have worked with junior-high and high school students, university students, soldiers, educators in Israel and from around the world to reinforce fundamental democratic values, equalize educational opportunity, promote tolerance and understanding and develop a cadre of leaders equipped to confront the unique challenges that lay ahead.

Sensitivity Training for Security Personnel

The Sensitivity Training program is specifically designed for Israel’s security personnel. The program works with Israel Defense Force (IDF) commanders, soldiers, border guards and police officers to break down stereotypes, mold units into cohesive groups, and create greater awareness of the values fundamental to a democratic society: human rights, equality, tolerance, pluralism, free speech, equal opportunity, choice of governance and respect for the rule of law. Initiated in 2001, the IDF immediately recognized the value of the program and has since funded the participation of more than 40,000 IDF commanders, soldiers and officers in these workshops. 

"The workshop propelled discussions and raised complex points for thought that I had not considered before. It presented the situation as it really is, complete with all of the dilemmas that we face daily.  It made me believe that the starting point is how we address the situation and the values that we screen to those around us."    

 - Anonymous soldier’s feedback

University Within Reach

The University Within Reach program makes university education an option “within reach” to segments of the population with limited exposure and access to higher education. The program introduces collegiate studies to 11th grade students from lower socio-economic communities through a one-semester law course at an Israeli university.  The program concentrates specifically on legal studies in order to teach the fundamental principles that underlie democratic society and facilitate the understanding of contributing to society.  Over 2,700 students have participated in the University Within Reach program.

The Honors Program was created for 11th and 12th grade students who completed the University Within Reach program “with honors.” The program seeks to emulate the core values of the Rabin legacy:  empowering disenfranchised communities and fostering community initiative and leadership. The interdisciplinary program focuses on the concept of leadership to strengthen the understanding of the relationship between leadership and legal studies as well as law and society. Upon completing the Honors program, students are able to participate in regular academic courses at the University, the first steps towards receiving their B.A. degree.