Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Educational Activities

The Morton Bahr Educational Wing is home to the Yitzhak Rabin Center’s multi-faceted educational and leadership programs. These programs support the mission of the Center by instilling democratic values, narrowing socioeconomic gaps and addressing social divisiveness.

Every year the Department hosts thousands of students, soldiers, officers, commanders, border police, Israeli police and security personnel; emissaries of Jewish communities from abroad as well as foreign youth delegations. 

The educational programming of The Center is crucial for the development of the next generation of leaders in Israeli society. The Center’s educational workshops and seminars have formed invaluable, enriching experiences for the tens of thousands of  students soldiers and security personnel  who have participated in them over the past decade. They learn to see Rabin as a role model for his belief in social responsibility alongside his beliefs in peace and security, and gain an appreciation of their own role in  promoting well-being and unity of the Israeli people. The interactive workshops brings to life key issues of living in democracy, forming identity, taking responsibility, 
protecting freedom of expression in a pluralistic society. 

The combination of theoretical study alongside practical projects is a proven model for nurturing leaders with strong, long-term visions for society.